”Civilized little!”XIA away to attend to grab paper towels, and hand the intensity of a loose tissue was pulled away winter walk.But she did not take the quilt covering her face, staring wide-eyed Cheng Dong.

  Usually bright eyes, now also just drops of eye drops, lying in bed, light falling on top of her eyes, sparkling, dark and pupil, and watery Wuliu.
  Cheng Dong lying bedside bored laugh incessantly.
  ”No, distant, this is really you’re here, I take improvise jersey pajamas when used.Otherwise, you make me at home, also not wearing a suit?”Cheng Dong asked her.
  XIA away impress, wrinkled his nose, the quilt should be said in muffled: “You first wash tomorrow!”
  ”Ok.Tomorrow I will wash.”Cheng Dong moment can be happy yet, and what can be promised, but still very curious, have to get to the bottom,” it is not never seen what you blush?”
  When holding her face clearly in the morning to check her eyes, cheek distances are close enough to feel the spray over her shallow breathing, and have not seen her blush it.
  XIA away just can not explain their mind, this pattern on the master bedroom, as well as their own Tang Chuangshang, diagonally out of the bathroom wearing winter clothing drive, resulting in what strange United