Do not manufacturing can create scripts that do not need to be able to cause the main line of network war of words.

  In fact, Taiwan is also the kind of people.That, after all disputes, sudden movement too much, can not be as nothing happened.
  Ye said some away, just hang up, Liu’s phone came in, but also to persuade her: “Our purpose here is not just to record what these?Media workers, is the fact that the truth should show to the public.”
  Vowel Au, however, but the old Liu said, if the hospital to remain silent, then the Song Yi is not the bitter white subject on the?To collective interests at the expense of the individual, this kind of thing is not without precedent.
  Large and small business organizational units, listed, are all pen.
  She did not immediately agree, give the old Liu hit a shot: “This I want my boyfriend talk about, you know the last time, he does not like interviews.I start with the good, he may refuse to.”
  Vowel Song Yi to call, said he immediately go to the.
  Song has not happened parents go.
  Last hurriedly met side, they would be able to guess some of what was not sure.
  Song Yi told my parents that my girlfriend is now vowels.
  Is that the only good news Song mother heard today, “the love of good.”
  They all know that Song Yi very