”You want to go to Yu book it?”She looked up at him, blue eyes in the snow seems sparkling.
  Yu Ze accidentally fell into her clear eyes, her eyes very bright, very deep, exposed inside there is a vitality, warm and honest, all the time to shine.
  She urged: “Talk to her?”
  ”.He did not want to see me.”He looked away from her eyes.
  She reached out, touched his Adam’s apple.
  He suddenly remembered the night she was drunk, but also for his dedication to hold Adam’s apple.
  Feel your fingers touch the Adam’s apple quivering, she was quite interesting Youmo a little, hand back, saying: “I’ll sleepy.”
  Cruises sail out the window sounded the whistle, Yu Ze looked out.
  ”sleep.”He touched her head and said softly:” I have to walk outside.”
  He wanted to go to Cho Yu, asked if he could give him room to find another.
  Yu Ze put her head on the pillow, gave her a quilt cover, was about to goes out, he steps meal, she walked back to the window to draw the curtains.
  After all this done, he walked back to the bed, looked at his eyes to see the blond girl, unwittingly put a soft voice:
  Donna lengleleng, this sentence seems to feel heard and where