Berth car is always very popular, so even if other cars have vacancies, in general, sleeper side of the vacancies will not be too much.

  Especially the lower berth.
  Moreover, now summer vacation, parents can take their children out of a lot.Not every child is like Lulu as quiet and well-behaved, most of the children, like blubber on the road, not just wearing shoes stepped on someone else’s bunk beds, it is considered rare, and expect them to quiet all the way, that chance, but quite small.
  Qinbai Xi Huan Lu Lu, does not mean he can be like a child.Strictly speaking, he does not like children, he is not like all the noises and other people and not listen to the words of biological.
  So he looked at a child looking for a position with the parents, if they are seriously thinking about how they should do next sitting.
  But he was lucky, after several consecutive running around the children did not stop here, but Zoulehenyuan.
  ”Hello, I am here in the shop, the girl you alone?”Qin Bo being distracted while watching, when the ear suddenly came a voice.He looked back to God, it was found standing in front of them is a middle-aged man.
  His hair was a little long, the people are very thin