Seriousness of nonsense, to say that these constellations!

Do not read, that is you.Do you dare to see it?These signs will tell the truth, but also to put it in all seriousness, most people will not see at face value, but smart people think they particularly try to be smart when it comes to seriousness of nonsense, really hypocritical enough.  Gemini: do not say nonsense, is not he a little Gemini zodiac, they lively and cheerful, they naturally say, they are eloquent, they are born polemicist, if contradiction with them, and it will be miserable they will argue to defeat the other side to surrender, otherwise you will constantly fight it, quarreling.Since Gemini then say, so they usually say those words in there will be a lie, and they lie when calm, his hands would not be unusual move anywhere, they’re really good at camouflage.  Libra: love master, liar Libra is the twelve constellations of the most color values, they are born gentleman, but also natural beauty girl.They not only looks outstanding, as well as elegance, both boys and girls charismatic attractive.Libra in love is most likely to lie, they always say something I will always stay by your side, I’ll marry you, I will love you forever, and you must not believe these words will easily scales.Because their vows is a lie, they love the word is casually talking about it.  Taurus: their words are white lies a lot of people say cold-blooded Taurus, Taurus how it is that it does not care about feelings, Taurus in dealing with some of the things above is also very cruel.In fact, Taurus cold-blooded cruelty just because they are hiding something.On the surface they seem so unreasonable, but they say the most well-intentioned lie, to his mind that personal favorite, perhaps to care about someone they are.So, Taurus sometimes really very poor, obviously well-intentioned people, was we think is cruel, indifferent, I do not understand the feelings of.You might also like: last generation certainly did not wash their hands!Grab a red envelope robbed, but always someone else’s Zodiac constellation girlfriends skipped school to encourage women to what autumn Dress up, these signs hanging open just to the United States in mid-2017 Zodiac constellations fortune first original article, reproduced, please contact the site management personnel, otherwise regarded as infringement.