Lifetime, far away to send a gift

Lunar month XXI another year you pick up a pen.For this day, I was very sensitive, like possessed the same, the day has not arrived yet, the countdown is on your birthday.I think I have an occupational disease, from their own point of view this experience, I believe the more the child’s intelligence and memory development as early as possible.You see, your fault, then the implant is put your birthday my brain, people want to forget can not forget, this day of the twelfth lunar month twenty-one afraid to remember for a lifetime.    Math, birthday each other about almost 20 years..Think of us really happy, just how old people son, but it has nearly 20 years of friendship, and whether it is ever far apart, or now you are highly educated elite and I am a small college without a pass, the friendship between us , I have not broken as ever.Child send some of their handmade and craft, small picture card to each other, we love each other and never despise.At that time, parents are farmers not express feelings, can not live a decent birthday to us, we said, after a birthday every year to send each other little gifts.At that time we did not think this innocent little agreement, it was really caring people like you and me has been insisting to the 20s, and is expected to continue.Nearly 20 years, this ever-changing world, almost all things are in change of transformation, people around for a wave after wave, only you are the one left to Ebb Tide, only our feelings and a Santa Claus has not changed a bit.None of us deliberately remember each other’s birthdays, but time is near, do not consciously think of it.Because away at school, the family’s old house renovation, a lot of old letters and scattered keepsake also do not know to where, few preserved.But those little things, but engraved in my heart, I remember you sent a card each, each one made of small stationery, and those who sigh, accompanied with the old year and usher in a new age of words.    Grew up, I can not tell because I was lazy or because can not afford expensive things, little things do not value a delivery, or is it you do not know what is needed, perhaps these types of situations are, I do not then prepare any decent gift, but more and more willing to stop and write a word to you, let those immeasurable intangible of indistinct feelings linger at all between the lines, so that every word as small water flowers from you my heart flows quietly through, I think this is what you like.And you, birthday every year, regardless of size, will send me something as a souvenir, plus an equally I am touched by the words.In contrast, forgive what I write for no water, because at this moment, I think these things without any modification better able to express my feelings.    Write to you, no doubt make some people misunderstand.Maybe some friends will take our friendship to compare.Because I’ve never written a word or two for them, but that does not mean I do not value my friendship and other people, but because you are you.My character is very strange, there are two distinct performance I exist in a person.I can has a very vigorous, you can put years of quiet good life ‘.Met them, I was mad, I met you become quiet and soft.Because you are such a person, quiet and restrained, like a Wang Pingjing lake, but also in front of you I gradually become calm the clamor.If they give me is fun and exciting, then you’re the one who brought me to think.There are two types of such friends around, I feel lucky.I want the best life than this, I am afraid, someone to accompany you to the crazy, crazy over someone makes you think calm down, so as not to lose yourself in the vibrant and bustling life in.    I often thank God you sent me, crowded with people did not know so many strangers in this world, but why give us a lot of similar arrangements, similar character similar preferences, but also arranged for us to do early acquaintance neighbor.Really should be a sentence of Eileen Chang: “meet the person you meet thousands of people, thousands of years, the wilderness of time, neither earlier nor later step, which happened caught up.”Over the years, too many people around the pass, only you and I have this common hobby.Your diligent efforts you always inspire me, to see your work being published to be recognized, I’m happy for you.    Apart for so many years, not much contact than other friends, but our relationship is still as ever, and even can be said that the more grew more lonely years of age, each other’s heart stick closer and closer, more and cherish each other other side.Such a relationship is hard to maintain but it can not always make people feel at ease comfortable.Great distances, experienced very different and can not become an obstacle to our communication, too many unspeakable feelings say to you, I’m never afraid you do not understand.We are not an active person, we are all too easy for a child’s emotional, not many friends, will be linked with the contact, then deeply remember.And those who Feng Yan’s time off the line is not forgotten, but because of some things that we can not bear the weight of life, too many people come in to life prone to injury, if you do not like me, you I cherish good to me then doubled to hello.After so much, I believe that no matter what changes the future, even if the time off for a few years, when we met again sparse gray-haired teeth, I believe you are still my own initial one another.    Summer vacation, you give me a look at Joe’s, “I do not like this world, I only like this you”, although at that time I was in emotional low, I still can not help but just looked like self-flagellation, while watching reflection, while renewed fighting, while thinking about as happy as you like Joe a.Your happiness, happiness can not get people to want to jealousy.You say to worry about off-site, and now look at you celibate life’s rich, I knew how to torture any time in recent years, will not break up this pair of lovers.Perhaps, as you say, I really believe in yourself more than you, because you are so in love, love too afraid to lose, and I, a bystander, you know prison after several years of refining will be able to a higher level.No one willing to give you such a good girl.In fact, I think you just talking about it, not really worried, because you are so good a girl, I’m more than familiar with this rationale.    The past year, not only these words, even these hypocritical words children have never been spoken.People often is the case, will be showing many breeds feelings of solitude.Look at those days was written out of emotion always feel wet eyes sore throat into the heart.Some time ago to see “long bread tree woman”, an adaptation of the work according to Zhang Xiaoxian drama, drama Lin Fangwen every year to give away a song rhyme on the first day of the New Year, I will not write songs too We will not write a book, let me insist on a year today to write you a text made public, for all to witness our friendship, and collected all over the world to bless you.Long or short, you have to like.Happy birthday, I have to ask married the maid of honor ah, ha ha.    January 27, 2016, put pen to paper in North of town (early prepared gift Oh)