Li Wei will be full for personal gain without regard to the safety of the hostages who commands the vice squad shot, as a result he was gone.

  If he can be full control in the hands of Li Wei, Li Wei will certainly be full command of the vice squad who do not recklessly.
  As a black crow much safer.
  Small 99 black crow plan particularly good heart, but he ignored the most fundamental question, and that is the only full-Lee now simply do not have enough dignity and prestige of the vice squad who command.
  At the moment the presence of even the most ordinary of a vice squad police officers eyes, like a scum Li Wei all existence in general, they do not deserve respect.
  ”People pay.”Chen Li Wei grabbed diving full collar stepped forward.
  Li Wei full scared struggled to break free: “You’re crazy to me to let go!”
  ”You do not come.”Black Crow also schematically Chen diving stop:” You can make people brought over I do not worry, I will.she was!I want her man to bring me over exchange.”
  Su Qing Yi Zheng, who refers to black crow found her.
  ”If you Ganluan I fired all of you!”Li Wei is still in full yelled and shouted:” Let me go, you bastards!Su Qing, I warn you, you do not fool around with this guy!This guy’s behavior has constituted a crime!You as a vice squad should immediately stop him!Instead of looking at him reckless behavior!understand