The hands of the dregs of the mountain, said, smiling.

  ”cold.Calm.”Heart says.
  Cool ass!
  He is now the heart is like a hundred shouting into chaos bitch please?!
  Donna snapped his fingers, he resumed his ability to act, in the heart shocked and offended to fear watching the blonde girl, no longer dare to act rashly.
  Donna yam pieces aside, jumped from the sofa, crouched down beside a coffee table with black mosquito.
  She said: “Just this little mosquito have come, Nana just heard his uncle say to heart, nothing happened to ask a small mosquito.”
  Xu Cai: “.”Actually really repellent?
  Heart: “.”Masters in the world ah!
  Donna ear against mosquitoes, as if listening to what they hear, she listen and nod, tears of grief gradually surplus on the eyes:
  ”So this is, you little mosquito is not easy.”
  Xu Cai: “.”What’s not easy for a mosquito?
  Heart: “.”This effort mosquito Master and say exactly what?
  A few minutes later, Donna looked up with a tearful voice with the voice said: “Uncle in mind, Nana know why he want to follow you and hold up.”
  ”why?!”Heart Mangwen.
  Xu also firewood