Was so slow, there is still half an hour away seven.Bai Qingqing Fufei.

  ”The clear, do not look, you have a minute to see a cell phone, I feel anxious for your effort.”Sue’s voice suddenly remembered the mirror, soft gently, gently outrageous.
  ”Ah, Ah you wake up mirror?”Bai Qingqing stunned surprised a moment, hurry Zhuantouwangxiang Su mirror, and saw that she was wide open looking at myself a nice pair of Taohua Yan.
  In fact, Bai Qingqing sleepless night she also was not asleep all night, two people Face feelings.
  ”I wake up sober look.”Su Jing slowly got up, rubbed his temple, turned and opened a quilt out of bed light.
  See Su Jing Bai Qingqing up, it also followed out of bed.
  Washbasin small, two people close to the arm arm, and together wash, do not feel crowded, but comfortable and cozy hearts.
  Two people reflected in the mirror face, a faint smile, but slightly solemn face another.
  Su Jing rinse the mouth, squeezed Bai Qingqing thin cheek, “Little Naogua Zi in thinking it, quick smile, while wedding photos if you expose this expression, I’m going to get angry, oh.”
  ”it is good.”The reason why looking dignified, just because the closer to the Civil Affairs Bureau of the time her sense of drama more intense and more