Centipede say.

  Armored centipede nodded: “Go.”
  Soon, it leaves white with five elders came to the hall of procedure.
  At this point, only sovereign of procedure hall and two, four two elders, Wu palace ink is not in.
  But make white leaves some surprise, he saw Nguyen Min, the strong core of disciples background.
  ”Sovereign, several elders, which in the end is how is it?”
  Although white leaf know, this matter should be sensitive about Ruan, but leaves white and Nguyen Min did not speak, but asked about the sovereign and the elders.
  Wan Min Songqing look to the Nguyen: “Nguyen Min, you say.”
  ”Dead, they are dead.”Nguyen Min red eyes, obviously had been crying.
  White leaves a large wrinkled brow: “Everybody is dead?In the end what happened?Speak slowly.”

Chapter 937 but unfortunately ah

  Ruan Minjiang hold back tears, things could go on: “Five days ago, were the door received information that there is a group of culprits appear in Luyang town.
  This gang of thieves has just appeared in Luyang town, on adultery looting, evil.
  Zeishou which is more powerful, has Mishina HL territory, while the remainder are also people practice it.
  So with my brother Liu Wei, SUN Xi Yuan, Xiong seven