He grabbed the girl by the arm and said: “I think you misunderstood.”

  ”misunderstanding?What misunderstanding?”Yun Yung fire all of a sudden, she felt very bad human race, not only occupied her Danciu mountain, also tried to entice her to do so nasty things, I did not expect this land Hok, looks nice touches, is also a rogue!
  ”You do not just want a man to accompany me to play, I tell you, I will not do!”
  Lu Hok hearing this, all of a sudden sink face down, he grabbed the shoulder of cloud capacity, serious question: “Who told you to drink tea, chat is to accompany man?”
  Perhaps Lu Hock Nien expression serious, cloud capacity subconsciously replied: “In the club when that Jin Hongmei is to say, the work is very simple, that is to accompany guests to drink, chat, results let me dress like that.”
  Lu Hok hear her mention, also remember when the clubs met cloud capacity, she wore rabbit like girl clothes, his eyes flickered, his face was suddenly dark, and he tried to slow voice: “She is lying to you, I will not lie to you.”
  ”I say drink tea and chat, drink tea and chat is no other meaning.”
  ”Is ah, Miss Yun, president of that night or we take you out, we Luks is a regular company, not the staff do such a thing