Flower board, feel more and more heavy eyelids.

  ”Ah, sleep, good night.”
  ”good night.”Bai Qingqing sound increasingly mild, Su Jing knew she was really sleepy.
  Three forty-five, this one small faction within the space of quiet harmony.
  Two people peacefully asleep, that figure on the right side of the bed in a dark turning into a sleeping position from lying down lying on his side, unconscious hand resting on another person, across her chest.
  Su Jing slowly opened his eyes, moved down the line of sight Bai Qingqing unconscious resting on the arm of his body, her arm put back the warmth is in preparation for her tucked behind a corner.
  She could not see Bai Qingqing facial features, only faintly see a vague outline, this is the case, she was a quiet side head looked at her for a long time, until I do not know when, she fell asleep once again drift off.
  9:30 am, Su Bai Qingqing mirror and say goodbye grandmother after they packed up all the stuff left her home.
  Although only one night, but still very happy grandmother, stood in the doorway and waved towards them, they are always happy, smiling blessing, if destined, but also hope to see these two good girl.
  The morning show was soon over, Zhang know Su Jing and Bai Qingqing also returning to participate in the film conference, he urged