What does Jupiter’s constellation mean?

Among the ten stars, Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, and the liver represented by Jupiter is also the largest internal organ in the human body.. Mars stands for love and Desire. Mars is strength and Desire. It also includes confidence and charm.. Mars is brightly colored, which means “walking man.”. So what does Jupiter carry? Let’s take a look at it together.   What does Jupiter represent?   Jupiter moves at a speed of about one house a year and 12 years a week. Therefore, ancient China called it Sing Muk, which is a year of good or bad luck and great experience.. Jupiter dominates the liver and pituitary gland of the human body and represents travel, advanced studies, philosophy, religion, law, foreign affairs, education, etc.   Jupiter’s positive influence is good mental ability, good sports, language genius, far-sighted, strong compassion, a sense of justice, kindness, happiness, loyalty, generosity and optimism..   The negative effects of Jupiter are luxury, indulgence, waste, lawlessness, etc. In life, we always want some of the largest and most, and if we own it, we are considered lucky, for example, the largest official position, the most money, and several houses, the more the better. The more the better concept is the expansion and lucky direction provided by Jupiter.. For every adult who wants to know where, when and where there is the best luck and career opportunity, it is very important to understand Jupiter’s position in the Horoscope where he was born..   The following contents of relevant articles: How to check Mars constellation? What is the effect of Mars, constellation refer, Mercury, constellation refer and Uranus retrograde?       Descending constellation refer